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  • During your holidays in Ile-Bouchard, explore a whole cultural and gastronomic heritage, while enjoying a relaxing holiday by the water. Many activities to discover…

    Village of L’île-Bouchard

    This charming little town in the Indre-et-Loire, about 50 km from Tours, was named in the second half of the 9th century by the lord who founded it. Its atypical character still attracts visitors today: its two suburbs (linked by a bridge) are separated by the Vienne River, which surrounds an island in its centre. On the cultural side, you will see the Church of St-Gilles, an impressive monument built in the 11th century in the symbolic stone of Touraine: tuffeau. The Priory of St-Leonard still has visible ruins. Built in 1067, the remains of this majestic edifice now show the cadastre dated 1832. For the past 100 years, conservation efforts have allowed you to admire this listed historic monument. In summer, take a dip in the Vienne. The supervised swimming area is located below the campsite (direct access).

    City of Chinon

    This historic town in the Loire Valley, a Unesco World Heritage Site, is located on the banks of the Vienne River, between Tours and Saumur (16 km from the campsite). An ancient medieval city, it is still possible to visit its fortress, housing the castle. Guided tours with Histopad (3D 360° view) allow you to discover the history of Chinon in a fun way and to visualise the buildings and life from the 12th to the 15th century, as well as the old town whose half-timbered houses contribute to the charm of this ancient village. Amongst these old buildings, you will pass by the Maison Rouge, one of the oldest in the town, the Palais du Bailliage and the Hôtel des États Généraux which houses the Musée du Vieux Chinon (Le Carroi), illustrating the history of the town. While wandering through the narrow streets, stop in one of the many restaurants and taste the local gastronomy (Chinon wine, Poires Tapées, asparagus from the Richelieu region…). Plan to spend the whole day.

    Village and vineyards of Panzoult

    It would be a shame to pass through Touraine without tasting it! Renowned for its wines and famous grape varieties, stop off at one of the many cellars in the area, combining visits and tastings. Don’t hesitate to stop by the small village of Panzoult (adjoining Ile-Bouchard), otherwise known for its Chinon appellation wines, in particular. For an original discovery outing, go to the Cave de la Sibylle, where 14 independent producers come together to promote the richness and flavours of this region. Sales and tastings on site, for a moment to share.

    Canoe/kayak trips

    Embark on the Vienne river and enjoy a relaxing moment with family or friends. Routes for all levels are available from Chinon (from 6 to 45 kms). You can also combine canoeing and cycling for a more sporting outing! Riding with a rope is possible for groups.

    Where are we heading to next ?

    A stopover in the Saumurois…

    As you continue your journey to Anjou, you will inevitably pass through the town of Saumur (47 kms away), famous for its equestrian prowess and its impressive Renaissance castle. Its historic and picturesque town centre invites you to take your time and discover its unique architectural and cultural heritage. On your way to Saumur, stop off at the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud, at the confluence of the Vienne and Loire rivers. It is the largest monastic city in Europe, inherited from the medieval period and spreads over nearly 13 hectares.

    More information…

    Should you need more information or original ideas to build your stay, see you at the Tourist Office. The staff will help you out.

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